Here at Middle Cross Studios, I believe in creating video game worlds without limits, or at least as few limits as possible. As I begin my journey in the world of game development, there will be some 3D models available for purchase on the Unity3D Asset Store. If you're interested, or would just like to see some of the assets I'm working on, head over to the portfolio page. All of these models are designed with Blender 3D for use with the Unity3D game engine. New assets are constantly being worked on and will be added as they become available. If you have any questions, comments, etc... head over to the contact page. Thank you so much for your interest in Middle Cross Studios.


The Middle Cross Studios name is derived from the Bible. Jesus, the son of God, was crucified on a cross in between two thieves (the middle cross), and 3 days later, rose from the dead thereby paying the price of all sin for the people of the ENTIRE world. All that's necessary is to accept Him as savior and live a life dedicated to following Jesus as described in the Bible. Now, I won't get into details with certain popular controversies, but I will say that regardless of the choices ANYONE makes, God does NOT hate anyone...yes, He hates the sin, but not the sinner. If anyone tries to tell you different, then that's not the message from the Bible.

Welcome to Middle Cross Studios